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Courchevel 1850

Mountain Excursions

Looking for the adrenaline fix? We can tell you exactly what and who to look out for

The Altiport:

Famous for having the world’s shortest runway and the highest tarmacked runway in Europe. It enables you to arrive in Courchevel via helicopter from local transport hubs like Geneva or Chambery and is the base for Heli skiing and Cessna planes truly magical sight seeing experiences.

Moriond Luge Racing:

Take on the 3km long ‘Grand-Prix style’ toboggan run with all your friends and family. Grab your goggles and head up the Ariondaz gondola, in Courchevel Moriond. At the top, you’ll find the start line to the fun and fantastic luge track. Grab a sled and zoom down the twisting corners and 8 underground tunnels. Let the brakes go on the high-speed straights and test your skills through the snaking zig-zags.


Explore the mountains at a slower pace. Let’s clip on our snowshoes (racquets – like tennis rackets for your feet) and float above the pristine natural snow. Head into the trees of Courchevel, away from the rest of the world. Here you’ll find your own little slice of winter heaven, glistening like a diamond in the sun.


Take charge of your own pack of huskies or ride with a professional musher (that’s a person who drives dog sledges). This is a true back to nature adventure as you travel through the trees, slopes, and valleys of the local scenery.


If engine power is more your style then this one is for you.

Once the lifts close, use a caterpillar track equipped snowmobile with skis for wheels to carve your way around the winter landscape. It’s your personal playground for the evening. Drive your own vehicle, under expert instruction, along graceful trails or blast through untouched powder.

You’ll experience nothing like effortlessly cruising through the mountains as sunset fades into the moonlight. If you’re lucky you’ll even catch a glimpse of Mt. Blanc.


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